The Firm

'Praezis' is derived from the German-Swiss word, prazise (or precision). A venture of the ATH Group, ATH-Praezis proudly and confidently delivers on its commitments with Precision, Speed, and Accuracy.
ATH-Praezis has built a reputation for taking on challenges that others may shy away from - setting the bar ever higher for themselves and the industry with each project.
The Firm’s roots go back to the 1980’s with the founding of ManTech which delivered optimised investment, technical and engineering consulting services for entrepreneurs and corporations. ATH-Praezis has inherited; concern for relationship, strong value of customer, and regard for legacy. With these it aims to deliver Values Without Borders to its customers.


Be a hallmark for quality and competitive service, and be the preferred and most sought-after provider of business enabling services.


Maximize customers’ effectiveness and consequent delivery of value to customers’ stakeholders, through provision of dependable, cost-effective, swift and efficient business enabling services.

Core Values

The Leadership at ATH-Praezis, have assiduously built a reputation on highest standard of Professionalism, Sound Judgement, and Fair Dealings over many years. The Core Values of ATH-Praezis reflect this and are important to our Customers, and vital for ATH-Praezis repute.
  • Value
    We are committed to creating meaningful value for the customer first, supporting continuous improvement in efficiencies, economization of resources, and optimization of cost. We treat all resources - natural and others - as entrustment to businesses for employment with care and conservation.
  • Quality
    We believe in Total Quality is a creed, and will undertake our business ensuring that all aspects of our operations deliver against clear quality goals. We believe that this possible where ‘control’ is maintained over operations through strongest commitment to Safety, Occupational Health and the Environment.
  • Excellence
    We take pride in providing our quality services, placing all our innovation and imagination at the disposal of our customers, and being accountable against our commitments. We will perform through technical soundness, superior planning, execution, and delivery.
  • Relationship
    Endorsements, Recommendations and References by those with whom we serve and deal with, are our greatest Asset. Our relationships are built on Trust, Respect for Others, Competence and Integrity. We place highest value on building professional relationships.
  • Integrity
    We will undertake our business with integrity, transparency, dealing fairly with customers, employees, business partners, always complying and with and respecting the applicable laws.
  • Responsible Care
    We aim to be and remain a responsible corporate citizen, and have practices in place that enable a going-concern conducting business sustainably. Integral part of our culture, strategies, operating systems, infrastructure, is the care for environment, safety, health, care for diversity, and for communities.